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Guadeloupe’s underwater flora and fauna is one of the most spectacular in the world. Corals form a marine ecosystem, which is home to millions of different animal and plant species.

Try Dives are carried out in the St Francois lagoon amongst a variety of colorful fish: damselfish, sergeant-major fish, trumpetfish, cardinal fish and corals with fascinating names such as elkhorn, brain, sea fan, etc…

Certified divers can dive on off-coast coral reef sites, full of life and extraordinary underwater landscapes, which are inhabited by a variety of different fish species, crustaceans and tropical shells.

Why wait? Come join us and make some unforgettable memories.

More than 20 dive spots to choose from

The dive sites are chosen according to the weather

(10 minutes navigation time)

  • La Main jaune (The Yellow Hand) – 16m/52ft
  • Kaledo – 14m/45ft
  • Le Lac (The Lake) – 18m/59ft
  • La Baie des anges (Angels’ Bay) – 25m/82ft
  • Le Jardin japonais (The Japanese Garden) – 18m/59ft
  • L’arche (The Arch) – 13m/42ft

La Pointe des châteaux
(15 minutes navigation time)

  • La Baie des Pirates (Pirate bay) – 16m/52ft
  • Mervillon – 14m/45ft
  • La Pointe des Châteaux (Castles’ End) – 22m/72ft
  • L’Autre monde (The Other World) – 20m/65ft
  • Libertalia – 20m/65ft
  • Jolly Roger – 19m/63ft
  • Deer forest – 18m/59ft
  • Crazy Coral – 20m/65ft
  • Ti Caye La – 15m/49ft

(15 minutes navigation time)

  • Le Jardin (The Garden) – 16m/52ft
  • La Polonaise – 14m/45ft
  • Manioc (Cassova) – 15m/49ft
  • Le Château d’Ella (Ella’s Castle) – 12m/39ft
  • L’Ancre (The Anchor) – 20m/65ft
  • Petite Arche (The Little Anchor) – 14m/45ft

(30 minutes navigation time)

  • Roche nord (Northern Rock) – 20m/65ft
  • Roche Guismo (Guismo Rock) – 20m/65ft
  • Life reef – 20m/65ft

(50 minutes navigation time)

  • Roche merveilleuse (The Marvelous Rock) – 20m/65ft
  • Roche moyenne (The Middle-sized Rock) – 18m/59ft
  • Roche à Gilles (Gilles’ Rock) – 15m/49ft
  • Passe à canard (Duck’s channel) – 8m/26ft

La Désirade
(75min de navigation)

  • Les Cathédrales (The Cathedrals) – 25m/82ft
  • Le Tuyau (The Hose) – 18m/59ft
  • La Brésilienne (The Brazilian) – 12m/39ft
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