Welcome to Noa dive center Guadeloupe in Saint-François !

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Banc des vaisseaux, Petite-Terre, Désirade

Plongée Guadeloupe

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Noa plongée Guadeloupe


Dolphins, Turtles, sharks ...

plongée Guadeloupe

Noa dive center

At Noa Dive Center Guadeloupe, you are welcomed by a friendly, enthusiastic and competent team. ‘Dive in Good Company’ is the club’s motto.

We dive on a wide range of extraordinary dive sites: Banc des vaisseaux, Petite-Terre Nature Reserve, Pointe des châteaux and Désirade. Unforgettable dives await you in the warm, clear waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Our dive trips consist of a two tanks dive, two repetitive dives on differents dives spots with a 45 minute surface interval during which we serve a snack on board the boat. Departure time is at 7.30am and return time at 12.30pm. Not only can you do two dives a day but you can also have a free afternoon for tourism.

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Your dive center in Guadeloupe !

Séjour en Guadeloupe

Dreaming about diving in Saint-François? But you don’t know where to stay, how to get around or where to eat…

Croisière plongée Guadeloupe

Dives cruises aboard a catamaran around the islands of Guadeloupe (Petite-Terre, Marie-Galante, les Saintes, Dominica)

Noa Dive Center is also present at Club Med Guadeloupe la Caravelle located in Sainte-Anne and offer…

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Opening times

In Noa dive center we dive 7 days a week.
Public opening from 9am to 12am and 4pm to 7pm
Dives every day : two tanks dive at 7.30am and first scuba dive at 2.30pm

Find us

Marina de Saint-François – Guadeloupe
Phone : 05 90 89 57 78

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