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Noa dive center Guadeloupe diving equipment

Equipement Noa plongée Guadeloupe
  • Shorty wetsuits from XXS to XXL
  • BCDs from XXS to XXL
  • 20 fully kitted regulators
  • 40 tanks ( 6L / 12L / 15L )
  • 20 masks
  • fins (25 to 47 Euro) (9 to 14 USA)
  • Compressor « CIRRUS » 36 m3 / 13 buffer bottles

All of our equipment, tanks, regulators, BCDs, fins, masks and wetsuits are renewed yearly.

A remote inflation system avoids carrying the tanks, they stay on board.

Mares Noa plongée Guadeloupe

The boats

bateau noa plongée guadeloupe


An 11 meter (36 feet) fast boat with a 350hp diesel engine. Vessel capacity: 20 divers.
Magnificently decorated and perfectly suited to the diving ambiance. The NOA transports its divers quickly and safely to all the dive spots off the coast of Saint-François: Banc des Vaisseaux, Petite-Terre, Désirade.

You will be protected from the sun both on the front and rear decks and be able to enjoy a comfortable, pleasant ride.


A 9 meter (29,5feet) vessel equipped with a 350hp diesel turbine hydro jet engine. Vessel capacity: 20 divers.

Slower but just as robust and comfortable, the AMAYA takes divers to dive spots near the coast: Anchorage, Pointe des Châteaux, etc… It is also from this boat that you try dives take place in Saint-Francois lagoon.


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